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About Newport Thin Film Laboratory (NTFL)


Newport Thin Film Laboratory, Inc. (NTFL) is a leading manufacturer of high performance thin film coatings. For more than four decades, custom optical coatings produced by NTFL have contributed to engineering progress worldwide.

With the advance of practical applications for optical coatings, NTFL has made it its mission to support even the most complex engineering needs of our clients. Our thin film coating services and capabilities range from the ultraviolet, through the visible and out to the far infrared spectral wavelengths. Our products are used for diverse applications including UV curing, astronomy, commercial and military avionics, entertainment, fiber optics, lasers, specialty lighting, heat control, microscopy, PCB manufacture, printing, semiconductor fabrication, MEMS, and many other specialized commercial, scientific, and aerospace applications. Some of our more popular products include coatings for UV curing applications, water purification, heat control, anti-reflection, mirrors, beamsplitters and UV/visible/infrared filters.

NTFL is headquartered in Chino, CA and has large chambers specialized for vacuum deposition, employing electron beam gun PVD and Ion Assisted Deposition. NTFL is a wholly owned and operated US company with all US employees, and works extensively with equipment manufacturers and defense contractors. NTFL is proud to have been awarded various supplier awards over the years. Let our expertise and commitment to customer service contribute to your competitive edge.



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