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Coating Removal:

NTFL has the ability to chemically remove many different types of coatings without damage or changes to surface figure. Please contact us with your specific requirements.


Large Optics:

NTFL has the capability to handle large optical coatings. Our engineering department has over 30 years of combined experience handling large optics and is on hand to customize standard offerings or to create custom thin film solutions to meet your large optics needs. We offer a wide variety of coatings and design to customer specifications. Our in-house machinists have the capabilities to build custom tooling which allows for shorter lead times. NTFL can coat up to a 56” Diameter optic with good uniformity.


Tube Coatings:

NTFL has the expertise to coat complex shapes and we are able to coat the outside diameter of tubes with good uniformity. We can coat tubes with outside diameters ranging from 1 mm to 20 cm, and lengths from 1 mm to 50 cm in length. Most of the coatings that we manufacture for plano substrates can be applied to tubes. Please contact us to discuss your project. 


UV Cold Mirrors:

NTFL UV cold mirrors reflect UV energy while removing heat-producing visible and infrared energy.  The removal of visible and infrared energy can be accomplished by transmitting the visible and infrared energy through the reflecting optic (typically fused silica) or by absorbing the visible and infrared energy and transferring the absorbed heat to the reflecting optic (typically aluminum). NTFL UV cold mirrors are extremely effective at increasing the amount of reflected UV energy at the irradiation zone while simultaneously significantly reducing the visible and infrared energy.  The result is lower temperatures at the irradiation zone, allowing the processing of temperature sensitive substrates.

UV Hot Mirrors:

NTFL UV hot mirrors act on both direct and reflected radiation to reduce the amount of visible and infrared energy without degrading the transmitted UV energy.  The mirrors are situated on the output side of the radiation source and are almost universally made of fused silica or quartz coated on both sides.


Color Corrective Filters:

NTFL produces and stocks borofloat color correction filters in the following sizes:

11.5” diameter x 3.3 mm thick, 21.5” diameter x 3.3 mm thick, 25.875” diameter x 3.3 mm thick

Color correction filters convert high color temperature sources, typically 7500K, to lower color temperatures without fading over time, regardless of the lamp power or operating temperature.  We currently offer industry standard ¼ CTO, ½ CTO, ¾ CTO and full CTO corrector filters.


Metrology List: 

NTFL has sophisticated test instruments to validate the performance of the optical components we manufacture. Additional specialty testing may also be available for sections not listed below.

Testing is included during the quotation stage of an order, as requested or defined in the print/specification, and is performed prior to shipment of the completed product. Test services are also available as stand-alone in case you have existing products that require testing.

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