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Heat Control coatings


Heat Control Coatings

(Available in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared)


Cold Mirrors


Cold mirrors are multi-layer dielectric coated optics that reflect short wavelengths and transmit long wavelengths.  Visible cold mirrors are often used with electro-formed nickel reflectors to maximize the reflected visible energy and minimize the reflected infrared energy.  Before the advent of more advanced projection systems, they were commonly used in movie projection applications.


Visible Cold Mirror coatings Heat Control Wavelength Graph


Hot Mirrors


Hot mirrors are multi-layer dielectric coated optics that reflect long wavelengths and transmit short wavelengths, and are commonly used for heat control applications. Typically, the energy blocked is reflected, not absorbed, helping to mitigate problems associated with substrate thermal shock.

Visible Hot Mirror Heat Control Mirror Coatings wavelength graph
**We can also customize the coating to your specifications.

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