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NTFL optical components Metrology lab



NTFL has sophisticated test instruments to validate the performance of the optical components we manufacture. Additional specialty testing may also be available for sections not listed below.

Testing is included during the quotation stage of an order, as requested or defined in the print/specification, and is performed prior to shipment of the completed product. Test services are also available as stand-alone in case you have existing products that require testing.


· Agilent Cary 7000 UMS

· PerkinElmer LAMBDA 1050

· PerkinElmer Frontier Optica

· Beckman IR 4260

· Beckman UV 5240

· Filmetrics F3-UV

· ZeGage 3D Optical Surface Profilometer

· SavvyInspector™

· Thermal/Humidity Chamber

· Certifications to Mil-Spec.

· Minolta Color Meter

· Salt Fog Chamber

· Microscopy

· Four Point Probe


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