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NTFL UV cold mirror coatings

UV Cold Mirrors 


NTFL produces and stocks UV cold mirror reflectors which cover the UVA, UVB, and UVC region on 0.020” aluminum sheet material in following dimensions:


  • 13” x 13”
  • 21” x 12”


However, we can produce parts to almost any requested size. We can also refurbish and re-coat most OEM extrusions, manufacture aluminum liners and supply quartz reflectors.


NTFL UV cold mirrors reflect UV energy while removing heat-producing visible and infrared energy.  The removal of visible and infrared energy can be accomplished by transmitting the visible and infrared energy through the reflecting optic (typically fused silica) or by absorbing the visible and infrared energy and transferring the absorbed heat to the reflecting optic (typically aluminum). NTFL UV cold mirrors are extremely effective at increasing the amount of reflected UV energy at the irradiation zone while simultaneously significantly reducing the visible and infrared energy.  The result is lower temperatures at the irradiation zone, allowing the processing of temperature sensitive substrates.


Cold mirrors are useful in protecting temperature sensitive substrates. Uses include:


  • Photo polymerization of inks, dyes and adhesives
  • Semiconductor manufacture
  • Printed circuit board manufacture
  • Product packaging
  • Flooring
  • Water sterilization
  • Imaging


UV cold mirrors only work on radiant energy from the lamp that is reflected from the cold mirror, not the direct radiation from the lamp. To reduce the direct visible and infrared radiation, system designers of UV curing systems also employ UV hot mirrors.

UV Cold Mirror - 600240

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