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Protective Coatings


NTFL offers multiple options as far as protective coatings. Our fluorine protective coatings exhibit good thermal and fluorine resistance, coupled with excellent UV/Visible/IR transmittance, allowing the use of easier-to-manufacture quartz optics for demanding semiconductor processing applications.


We have extensive experience with protective coatings for the semiconductor industry and has developed several different coatings for quartz optics and silicon wafers, significantly increasing component life time.


Our new UltraShield Hydrophobic/Oleophobic coating offers great anti-smudge, anti-fingerprint, and anti-moister surface protection.


NTFL can coat most optics from 1 mm to 54″ Dia. Please contact us about your Protective coating needs.

NTFL UltraShield

Oleophobic (anti-smudge) coatings repel hydrocarbons and create an oil-resistant, anti-fingerprint surface. Oleophobic-coated surfaces repel oil-based contamination, creating an easy-to-clean surface. Hydrophobic coatings repel water. Water droplets on a hydrophobic-coated surface result in water beading characterized by a high contact angle for water droplets (anti-wetting).

NTFL offers vacuum-deposited NTFL UltraShield, which is simultaneously highly oleophobic, highly hydrophobic and highly anti-friction. Surfaces coated with NTFL UltraShield result in an easy-to-clean anti-smudge surface that protects surfaces from oil-based and water-based contaminants. NTFL UltraShield can be deposited on most surfaces, including polymers, glass, quartz, sapphire, coated optics, and touch screens. The coating does not degrade or delaminate over time. Optical surfaces coated with NTFL UltraShield pass severe abrasion testing (MIL-C-675C).

NTFL UltraShield provides excellent scratch protection when deposited over NTFL optical coatings and can be integrated with other NTFL coating processes for custom optics solutions.

Currently we can deposit our UltraShield coating on Glass, Polymers, Metals, and Semiconductors substrates.

Sapphire Coatings

Sapphire optics are used in applications that require high thermal resistance, fluorine resistance and good UV/visible/IR transmittance.  However, sapphire is a difficult material to process in order to achieve high quality optical specifications, making sapphire optics expensive. 

In many applications, sapphire-coated quartz optics can be substituted for sapphire optics, resulting in significant cost savings.

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